Tips For Traveling With Dogs, Cats, & Other Pets

If you are planning a trip, have you considered whether your dog can accompany you? With the right arrangements, traveling with your dog can be loads of fun when you rent a car 24 hour . However, poor planning can ruin the vacation, both for you, your dog and others during the trip. Before travel, your dog should receive some basic training so that he is well behaved during the trip.

Tips for traveling with your pet:

  1. If traveling by car, it’s safer to have your dog seated in the backseat. For cats and smaller dogs, it’s better to keep them in a carrier, where they can feel safe and also don’t get the scope of running around. The crate should be well secured and cushioned for the comfort of your pet.
  2. If traveling by flight, you first need to go to the vet. Almost every airline requires a health record and other documentation of the pet to show that he is in good condition before it can board the flight. The check-up should include a general physical check-up to check for signs of illness like diarrhea and cough. The record should also show that the pet’s vaccinations and rabies are up-to-date. You are not supposed to visit the pet too early. Most airlines require you to present the record taken not more than ten days ago.
  3. To protect your pet, add a tag to him with your address and telephone number. Today many pets also implant a microchip under their pet’s skin as a form of permanent ID. The chip can be read with a special scanner. Also, have a recent photograph of your pet with you that might prove useful in case he gets lost.
  4. If your pet develops car sickness, it is advisable to give him light meals a few hours before you leave and feed him minimally during the ride.
  5. Protect your pet according to the outside temperature. If you and your human companions are wearing jackets to protect against the cold, your pet may also want a blanket to feel cozy. Conversely, if it is hot outside, open a window or raise air conditioning to prevent dehydration or overheating. Direct sun generally proves to be harmful to dark-colored dogs. Use sunshades on the windows, if your car windows aren’t tinted.
  6. Just as you do, pets do love the comforts of home- their toys, bedding, brush, and their dishes. So pack all his favorites for the journey. Municipal water varies from place to place. So giving your municipal dog water can give him diarrhea.
  7. Book hotels or lodges that accept dogs and provide special facilities and features for them and rent a car 24 hour. Before booking one, you should ask about their rules and regulations and book only if they are comfortable for you and your dog.