Road Tripping in the US | Costly or Frugal?

Ask anyone that has been on a road trip before, and they will tell you how pocket-friendlier it was than it would be traveling to a holiday destination by air. Or is it so? Well, it depends on the activities that you plan to spend on, how much road tripping you will do and the cost of your accommodation. Road tripping can be exciting and still inexpensive. And, while you may choose to use your car, it is prudent to hire one from firefly car rental Denver reviews that specializes in road trip cars. That way you will be sure that they have taken into consideration all the rough terrain that you could be driving on.

But you still can have all the fun from your road trip while on a low budget, but that is unless you consider the following:

The Do’s

·Planning Ahead

Research the various destinations that you will be visiting on your road trip to familiarize with these places. Mark these routes on your map and save the directions on your road trip planning app. Also, take note of the different accommodations and eateries that you could visit and their location from your closest destination.

· Packing Early

Pack the clothes and electronics that you need for the entire road trip. You should not be spending extra money on clothes, camera batteries and phone chargers that you already have at home. If you are visiting the beach, remember to pack your towels, sunglasses and sunscreen oils. Such materials are overly expensive on site.

· Book Early

You can save money by booking your accommodation early. Most resorts offer discounts to early bookers; so, the earlier you do book a room with them, the more the discount you enjoy. Also, confirm whether the attraction sites that you will be visiting require you to pay an entrance fee. You can clear such fees in advance to reduce delays at onsite as you wait for them to process your payment.

The Don’ts

·Buying Bottled Drinks

Fountain beverages are way cheaper than bottled drinks. The shops charge you some extra money to cover the cost of the bottle. Fountain beverages are even more in quantity; so, you get more for less.

Oh, and remember to inquire about happy hours of the bars and resorts in which you plan to be having your meals. Some community restaurants even allow you to work for food. That can save you a few bucks that you can put to good use elsewhere.

But, before renting a car, compare quotes of different road trip car providers and choose the one with terms that you can meet.