Travel destinations for spring vacation

April has arrived: are you looking for relaxation, beautiful sea or adventure? Then this article about where to go on holiday in April is the right one for you: choose your destination, take advantage of low cost flights and pack your bags to go and explore Italian cities of art or more exotic destinations, the best in the world to discover in April!

Whether you prefer the beauty of Palermo or the frenzy of Barcelona or the charm of Athens, the beginning of spring is the perfect time to reach them. If you are wondering, then, what are the perfect destinations to go on holiday in April, continue reading: we have selected for you 10 perfect locations for April, where you can disconnect from the routine.

1. Amman

Amman is a treasure chest of wonders and treasures: mosques and souks, Roman ruins and testimonies of ancient civilizations. Jordan is not only Petra and here in Amman, the capital, everything has a charm that will enchant you: from the warmth of the people and the mix of different cultures and religions, which you can find in the architecture and sites of historical interest. Start with the Citadel: here you will see ruins from the Bronze Age onwards, imagine a bit… the temple of Hercules, the Roman forum, the amphitheatre, the thousand markets, the most interesting museums and Rainbow Street, the most famous street in the city. Here, in the many places, try to taste the typical Jordanian cuisine: mezzeh, hummus of all kinds, shorba and kufta. Perfect food for April!

2. Palermo

We return to Italy to enjoy one of the most fascinating cities: we land in Palermo, the Sicilian capital, perfect to explore in April because of a mild and favorable climate. Greek, Roman, Arab, Swabian, Norman, but also French and Spanish influences: Palermo is a hymn to life. Try to live it as much as possible in all its facets, from markets to churches, from squares to restaurants, and let yourself be captivated by the ancient history of the city. Not to be missed are the Cathedral, the Theatre, the Martorana, the Palatine Chapel and a walk to the Quattro Canti.

3. Marseille

The South of France is a spectacle and Marseille, capital of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, is a city worth seeing especially in spring, with its multicultural and unique atmosphere. Visit the Old Port, the Church of Notre-Dame de la Garde, which dominates the entire gulf, the Cantini Museum and the Unité d’Habitation, a residential complex designed by Le Courbusier which is a cornerstone of 20th century architecture. Marseille is a city that knows how to tell beautiful stories: go and listen to them!

4. Madagascar

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is an Eden that you must explore in its entirety, if you have the time: April is the right month. Start with the Nosy Be archipelago and then head to the highlands and Antananarivo, the capital. Don’t miss the large rainforests or the desert and baobab regions. And more: the mangrove forests and plantations of vanilla, sugar and coffee, Ankarea and Nosy Komba, where the mysterious lemurs and chameleons live, or the coral reef of Nosy Tanikely…

5. Barcelona

Certainly Gaudi’s imprint characterizes Barcelona in a very strong way, and you’d better plan an itinerary that will let you discover the wonders of this architectural genius, but Barcelona is really a lot, a lot more: it’s a capital that has a lot to offer from every point of view. Here, fun and culture go hand in hand and, you’ll understand well, the mix is winning! The charm of the Mediterranean, the hectic Rambla, the fragrant Boqueria and the authenticity of the Gothic Quarter: this season, the capital of Catalonia is more beautiful than ever. And if you’re lucky, you’ll also find one of the many popular neighbourhood festivals, so numerous this season.

Tips For Traveling With Dogs, Cats, & Other Pets

If you are planning a trip, have you considered whether your dog can accompany you? With the right arrangements, traveling with your dog can be loads of fun when you rent a car 24 hour . However, poor planning can ruin the vacation, both for you, your dog and others during the trip. Before travel, your dog should receive some basic training so that he is well behaved during the trip.

Tips for traveling with your pet:

  1. If traveling by car, it’s safer to have your dog seated in the backseat. For cats and smaller dogs, it’s better to keep them in a carrier, where they can feel safe and also don’t get the scope of running around. The crate should be well secured and cushioned for the comfort of your pet.
  2. If traveling by flight, you first need to go to the vet. Almost every airline requires a health record and other documentation of the pet to show that he is in good condition before it can board the flight. The check-up should include a general physical check-up to check for signs of illness like diarrhea and cough. The record should also show that the pet’s vaccinations and rabies are up-to-date. You are not supposed to visit the pet too early. Most airlines require you to present the record taken not more than ten days ago.
  3. To protect your pet, add a tag to him with your address and telephone number. Today many pets also implant a microchip under their pet’s skin as a form of permanent ID. The chip can be read with a special scanner. Also, have a recent photograph of your pet with you that might prove useful in case he gets lost.
  4. If your pet develops car sickness, it is advisable to give him light meals a few hours before you leave and feed him minimally during the ride.
  5. Protect your pet according to the outside temperature. If you and your human companions are wearing jackets to protect against the cold, your pet may also want a blanket to feel cozy. Conversely, if it is hot outside, open a window or raise air conditioning to prevent dehydration or overheating. Direct sun generally proves to be harmful to dark-colored dogs. Use sunshades on the windows, if your car windows aren’t tinted.
  6. Just as you do, pets do love the comforts of home- their toys, bedding, brush, and their dishes. So pack all his favorites for the journey. Municipal water varies from place to place. So giving your municipal dog water can give him diarrhea.
  7. Book hotels or lodges that accept dogs and provide special facilities and features for them and rent a car 24 hour. Before booking one, you should ask about their rules and regulations and book only if they are comfortable for you and your dog.

Road Tripping in the US | Costly or Frugal?

Ask anyone that has been on a road trip before, and they will tell you how pocket-friendlier it was than it would be traveling to a holiday destination by air. Or is it so? Well, it depends on the activities that you plan to spend on, how much road tripping you will do and the cost of your accommodation. Road tripping can be exciting and still inexpensive. And, while you may choose to use your car, it is prudent to hire one from firefly car rental Denver reviews that specializes in road trip cars. That way you will be sure that they have taken into consideration all the rough terrain that you could be driving on.

But you still can have all the fun from your road trip while on a low budget, but that is unless you consider the following:

The Do’s

·Planning Ahead

Research the various destinations that you will be visiting on your road trip to familiarize with these places. Mark these routes on your map and save the directions on your road trip planning app. Also, take note of the different accommodations and eateries that you could visit and their location from your closest destination.

· Packing Early

Pack the clothes and electronics that you need for the entire road trip. You should not be spending extra money on clothes, camera batteries and phone chargers that you already have at home. If you are visiting the beach, remember to pack your towels, sunglasses and sunscreen oils. Such materials are overly expensive on site.

· Book Early

You can save money by booking your accommodation early. Most resorts offer discounts to early bookers; so, the earlier you do book a room with them, the more the discount you enjoy. Also, confirm whether the attraction sites that you will be visiting require you to pay an entrance fee. You can clear such fees in advance to reduce delays at onsite as you wait for them to process your payment.

The Don’ts

·Buying Bottled Drinks

Fountain beverages are way cheaper than bottled drinks. The shops charge you some extra money to cover the cost of the bottle. Fountain beverages are even more in quantity; so, you get more for less.

Oh, and remember to inquire about happy hours of the bars and resorts in which you plan to be having your meals. Some community restaurants even allow you to work for food. That can save you a few bucks that you can put to good use elsewhere.

But, before renting a car, compare quotes of different road trip car providers and choose the one with terms that you can meet.

The common mistakes that a traveller must avoid

Travelling makes all of us happy and excited! We love exploring new places and it bestows us with the best memories that can be cherished forever. In fact, it is the biggest opportunity to spend a quality time with your family, friends and your loved ones. But there are a few simple things that can make your refreshing trip stressful and erroneous, like finding out you are out of cash just after booking your car rental rental24h, or you might realize that your luggage is way too big to suffice in the dickey of the car you have just booked.

Five silly mistakes that must be avoided:

In order to get rid of such embarrassing situations, mentioned below is the list of the most happening errors that we can easily avoid:

1. Packing too much

This might sound really funny, but this is a fact. Most of the times we see tourists packing every possible thing in their bag including a heavy toiletry set and innumerable clothes with four pairs of shoes. Why? Travelling is about getting out of the normal lifestyle and embracing a minimalistic lifestyle. You can carry pouches for your shampoos and travel kits for other stuff. Before going on any trip, make sure that you keep your luggage minimum and that will help you to cut down on the extra costs for luggage and you easily accommodate your luggage in a car rental rental24h. Additionally, you can also avoid sore shoulders when you are carrying the minimum necessary things with you like toothbrushes, underwear, medicines, few clothes etc.

2. Avoid getting into tourist traps

This is something very popular specially in the well-known tourist places. Tourists are lured into some weird packages which might not be worthy of all the expenses. To avoid situations like this, before visiting the place, get a clear idea of all the top rated destinations from a valid web source or travel, magazines.

3. Make the bookings at a moderate timing

A lot of other travel mistake includes either booking a car rental rental24h too early to make sure a confirmed booking and then planning the rest of the things or, planning too late to get a confirmed booking. So you have to maintain a moderate timing and a full proof plan so that you do not waste your money in canceling the confirmed reservations.

4. Check on your passport expiration date

Perhaps the most important point that must be verified much before planning for any trip. Yes, dealing with passport related issues is really complicated and pathetic, but make sure that your passport is not expiring within two to six months of your trip. This is because there are some countries that consider a passport invalid before two to six months of its expiry date.

5. Not making a budget

Did you make a budget? Make sure that you are not underestimating the cost anyway. It is even better to presume that everything is going to cost more than what you are planning and this might result in ending up to save money after your trip. But that is better than running out of money during the trip.

Make your trip wonderful and worth remembering with some exciting deals with car rental rental24h and just let some things go, save some places for your next trip. You just cannot cover-up everything in one tour!